This page is a gallery of some of the music nights, celebrating the wonderful musicians who make them such special events.

2006 Gallery

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November 2006

Time for a catch up. This is what we've been doing recently....

First a bit of sad news to get it out of the way. Our beloved border collie Georgie passed away recently and we miss her so much it hurts.

We held a Concert For Georgie, which helped a bit. Highlights were Penny Davies and Roger Ilott's doggie songs Old Blue and My Old Dog And I, a specially written (and currently nameless) dog song by Lee Williams, plus a few of us did a ukelele version of I'll See You In My Dreams - and we do.

Thanks to everyone who took part. It was a wonderful tribute.

That is Georgie at right. Boy, could she chase a stick. Vale Georgie.

Great jamming

We have resisted the urge to call our sessions jam nights because they are run more as a series of performances.

However, late in the evening we usually invite a few people to try their hand at some extempore stuff with, occasionally, spectacular results.

It was quite a night (left) when Lee Williams, Teri Welles, Roger Ilott and Penny Davies spun a little jazz.

Due to work commitments we have not seen a lot of Alec Piovesan, pictured centre at right. He and partner Athena are managing Heritage Wines up the road and have their own Chill Out session on Sunday afternoons.

So it was great to have Alec back with his band Spot recently. Andrew Korner (far right) was his usual quiet self, not. This band is improving with every performance. They have a good, tight sound and an eclectic repertoire.


Speaking of quality, Marissa Giannake is one of the great young talents of the Granite Belt and she has started to write as well as play and sing.

Her most recent composition is an excellent jazz number called The Leaving Game and it shows a lot of talent. Hear it at Marissa's myspace

Marissa has become a music night regular and we love to hear her. She does a lovely version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelulya.

We are blessed for talent of all ages. Our youngest performer is (now was) a seven year old, Phillipe Cantrell. Our oldest regular is Penny Davies's mum Veronica Hammond, who does a very nice line in old swing numbers.

That's her at right below. At left is Alec Negerevich's brass and wind ensemble Windsome who were nothing short of awesome in our small performing area. Just lovely.

Windsome are regular wedding and event performers around the region.


We are hoping that Windsome will take time out from their busy schedule in the near future to come and be our featured act.

Speaking of Veronica, her friend Colin Merrill can't pass without mention. That's him below left.

veronica hammond
Colin Croft

Besides being one of the fiercest looking performers we have ever seen - its a concentration thing - he plays competent classical guitar and performs some lovely whimsical songs from the first half of last century.

Colin is a Brisbane dweller so we don't see a lot of him but he is always welcome.

One of the great features this year was when Lee Williams and Roger Ilott got together on ukeleles. Both of them are brilliant instrumentalists so it was a magic moment.

Lee and Roger are the inspiration for lots of lovely things at music nights. They can turn their hand to anything and do.

Now, who could the third from the left in the picture below right be, we wonder? Well, y'all, I can reveal that it is Roger Ilott in his Rusty Dusty Brothers days.

Definitely one of our recent highlights was to see two of the other Rusty Dusty Brothers - Jed Hudson (far right) and Neil Porter (not pictured) - visit Whiskey Gully Wines on different occasions.

Lee and Roger

Wouldn't it be great to get them all together sometime.

Jed played bass on Penny and Roger's new album Big Water.

That's Neil in the picture below left (far left) trying to remember the chords to "Blue Train".

And there's Penny Davies again below right who did a personal featured act appearance recently and was as brilliant as she is beautiful.

By the by, Penny met Roger at a Rusty Dusty Brothers gig in Sydney in the seventies. Wow, she thought. What a guitarist!

Rusty Dusty Brothers

Rusty Dusty Days

For those who don't know her, Penny Davies has the most wonderful crystal clear voice with perfect pitch.

She can sing at our gigs anytime.

If you would like to hear a little of Roger and Pen then try this link Rog and Pen download. You could also visit their web site: Restless Music.

Below left is the Terry Clark Set - a big band we put together for the Warwick Blues and Roots Festival. That was fun.

Penny Davies
Terry Clark Set Rosemary Sarah and David

Above right are Sarah Hume (standing) and Rosemary McMahon and her son David. Both Sarah and Rosemary were featured artists. Sarah, in particular, raised the roof. She is brilliant.

We haven't seen a lot of Lyn and Vic Hush lately (right). They've been travelling and, more recently, Vic hasn't been well. Chin up mate. We wish you a speedy recovery.


Lyn and Vic Hush


May 12, 2006

A rarity at a music night, we featured an instrument - John Arlidge's new Fender Stratocaster. A Japanese crafted 1962 re-issue model, made in 1994 and purchased through e-bay.

Featured instrument: Fender Stratocaster 62 re-issue

Performers: Bob Townshend, Lee Williams, Andrew Korner, Danny Habermann, Novia Harris, John and Emily Arlidge

The new strat is a truly lovely bit of work: an alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, sunburst colouring, standard pickups, tremolo arm, five-way switch etc.

Denice Arlidge, pictured, was not all that keen on the purchase but eventually figured that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Lee Williams played the strat on the night, prefacing his set with a little screwdriver work to adjust the pickup angles. Lovely.

Owner John Arlidge is still getting used to it but commented: "I can't believe how comfortable it is to play. I have never really played solid body guitars before and this is a revelation. I love it." Well, little things please little minds!

Shapely, makes the right noises. The guitar's not bad either.

Denice with the new strat
Lee Williams

Lee Williams (left) was impressed with John's new strat. "The neck has a pleasant tiger stripe and it plays very well," he commented.

The girls party

Morgan Palmer, pictured centre above, had a lovely time with friends from The Stanthorpe Border Post. It was her farewell party. She is going to concentrate on her accommodation business. Well done and good luck.

We are please to say she has developed a taste for Whiskey Gully Wines!

The night was well attended although not a lot of musicians were present. However, the music was of excellent quality, as usual.

Danny and Novia

We were especially pleased to see Danny Habermann and Novia Harris. Novia has been unwell recently as she is only now getting back on her feet.

Danny is pictured playing hammered dulcimer. Novia is plucking a psateri with a feather. Well, tickle my....

They did a couple of new numbers as well as some of their older creations. Wonderful. Welcome back.

Andrew Korner was in good form as usual. He was wondering what became of a very low angle shot that our official photographer took of his knees at the last music night.

We include it at right for Andrew's entertainment.

All in all it was an excellent night. Thanks to all of the contributors.

Terry Clark, Lee Williams and John Arlidge recenty formed a band with Steve Clark, Jenel Hunt and Sue York to perform at the Blues and Roots Festival at Warwick this weekend.

We are pleased to report that it went reasonably well. The audience was well lubricated and possibly didn't notice a couple of glitches!

The band - the Terry Cark Set - will perform for the second time ever at the next music night - May 26 - as the featured act. This time they promise to get it right.

Andrew Korner


April 14, 2006

It was Good Friday and we thought a few people would show up and they did in droves. A brilliant night with many highlights - David Hume's wonderful playing, his jam session with Lee Williams and Teri Welles, Sarah Hume's rendition of Stings' Fields Of Gold - what a night!

Featured artist: David Hume

Performers: David and Sarah Hume, Teri Welles, Bob Townshend, Lee Williams, Penny Davies, Veronica Hammond, Pete from Burnley, Haydon and Ashlee Briggs, John and Emily Arlidge

We didn't really plan it this way but the night turned out to be a bit of a family thing with various related combinations doing stuff.

David Hume played a great selection of guitar styles solo, including a jazz rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and two excellent Vila Lobos classical pieces.

He then teamed up with wife Sarah (picture at right) for a couple of wonderful numbers. Fields of Gold was magical with Penny Davies and Teri Welles as Doo Wop backups.

David and Sarah Hume
Pete from Burnley

Paddy and Howard, who run Paddy's restaurant in Stanthorpe, arrived as spectators with a bunch of friends including Pete Marsland, an old friend from Burnley in Lancashire, England.

Turns out Pete from Burnley (left) does a fine turn on guitar and sings lovely old folk songs including some great comic pieces from his home region.

He was brilliant and we absolutely insist that he emigrates soon.

Penny and Veronica Hammond

Another great treat of the evening was an unexpected mother/daughter pairing. We have often heard Penny Davies play and sing and, once before, we have heard her mum Veronica Hammond, but we have never before heard them as a duet.

It was a real treat. Penny is a thorough professional and mum isn't far behind in the singing department. And don't they look alike?

Penny also treated us to a couple of solo numbers, including the hilarious Pleasant Pluckers song. Yep, she dropped the f word and looked extremely embarrased about it!

Penny and Roger Ilott will be performing at a benefit function in Warwick on April 23 to remember the late, great folklorist Bill Scott. Get there if you can!

Ashlee Briggs

Yet another combo: Ashlee Briggs (left) teamed up with her father Hayden (right). It was Ashlee's debut performance at the Whiskey Gully Wines Music Night and she did very well.

Hayden performed some of his own excellent songs, including Crazy and We Can Be Friends.

The other father/daughter combo to play was Emily and John Arlidge.

At the end, Emily and John teamed up with Teri Welles, David Hume and Lee Williams to finish up the night. Thrilling!

Hayden Briggs
lee teri and divid

In a night full of highlights, the best for many of us was to hear Teri singing to the accompaniment of Lee and David.

Teri has the voice of an angel and to hear her sing Ain't Misbehaving with two great guitarists was magical.

It was the first time that David and Lee had played guitar together and it was very special.

Thanks to everyone and see you in a fortnight.


March 3, 2005

Wow, what a great night. With the Apple and Great Harvest Festival to follow on the weekend we wondered if anyone would turn up. In the event it was a packed house and they were treated to some great music.

Featured artist: Olde Dogs

Performers: Danny Habermann, Novia Harris, Bob Oliver, Bob Townshend, Lee Williams, Jory Davies-Ilott, Roger Ilott, Penny Davies, Alec Piovesan, Andrew Korner, Clare O'Keefe, John and Emily Arlidge

Olde Dogs

Olde Dogs

Not only did we have Olde Dogs as the featured act, lots of people decided to treat the music night as a rehearsal for their Apple and Grape gigs!

Olde Dogs are sensational. Danny Habermann and Novia Harris have charmed us many times.


Bob Oliver

However, we have never before been treated to Bob Oliver's wonderful didgeredoo playing which really sets off their music wonderfully.

Together they recorded an album called Justice for Theresa B - the featured track being about the sensless unsolved murder of a woman in far northern New South Wales, near Toomelah and Goondiwindi.

The dulcimer (Danny) and psalteri and autoharp (Novia) really go well with the didge and it was spellbinding stuff. Danny also played some teriffic guitar.

Their brackets set a great standard for the night and paved the way for some really wonderful music .

Lee Williams

Lee Williams did a nice vignette playing a few slide numbers on John Arlidge's Dobro. He would later team up with the Restless Music team to sing his entry into the SBS competition to find a song for the Socceroo's tilt at the World Cup.

Very amusing it was too. When he returns from a quick trip to the UK we'll publish the words.

Meanwhile, Jordy Davies-Ilott, Roger Ilott and Penny Davis wowed us all with several songs from a new album they are working on.

It was all brilliant stuff. They also did an old native American Indian song of peace. Fabulous and thanks for that.

We are very lucky to have such talent here on the Granite Belt.

Lee Williams
restless plus Lee

8.20 spot

Jordy also played with 8.20Spot - Andrew Korner, Alec Piovesan and Jordy. Great band and definitely a future featured act.

What a great night. Thanks to all.


February 17 , 2005

This is a little late finding its home on the web thus the details of the night are hazy - warm, a modest turnout but some excellent quality music and the Republic Red, as always, went down as well as Guiness at an Irish funeral.

Featured artist: Hayden Briggs

Performers: Bob Townshend, Terry Clark, Steve Kemp, Alec Piovesan, Andrew Korner, Novia Harris, Danny Habermann, John and Emily Arlidge

Hayden Briggs

A great way to start the year. Hayden Briggs was our featured artist playing his own wonderful songs: Crazy, We Can Be Friends, Iron Horse and lots more.

Hayden has a couple of albums out and he is both a talented songwriter and performer.

At one stage he was also accompanied by his friend Steve Kemp - the two often perform together around Warwick.

Terry Clark

Well done, guys, really good and thanks for all the effort you put in.

Terry Clark

Terry Clark was in great form. He hasn't been depressed lately so he's not writing any of those great sad songs at the moment.

Instead, his latest creation is a little ditty called Duck Poo. Wonderful and very amusing.

Terry is going to give us a hand at a couple of What's Cookin' nights while Lee Williams is on holidays.

It is great to have him aboard.


Olde Dogs

Danny Habermann & Novia Harris

It was a great welcome back to Danny Habermann and Novia Harris who are fast becoming regulars at Whiskey Gully Wines.

Danny's hands fairly whirled over the dulcimer tonight. He and Novia are really popular and there is something mystical and spellbinding about the dulcimer.

Their band, with the addition of didge player Bob, is called Olde Dogs and they will be the Featured Artists at our next Music Night.

Bob Townshend

While WGW took a break over the Christmas/January period, the Warwick Folk Club kept going full steam ahead every Wednesday night.

Bob Townshend is convenor of the club and is also a great supporter of the Muic Nights. Anyone who hasn't yet managed to get along to O'Mahony's pub in Warwick on a Wednesday night should do so.

The pub now has a great restaurant and they serve our wines too!

Bob Townsend

Up and comers

Great news, Alec Piovesan and Andrew Korner (pictured) played for us some great songs (one rather rude one too) and they've teamed up with Jordy Davies-Ilott to form a band.

Look out for them. They are hot.

Great night one and all.

Alec and Andrew


February 3

We gathered for the first Music Night of the year on Mt Marlay to watch the fireworks, enjoy sitting on the warm rocks and sing some songs. It was lovely.

The fireworks were better than my photography suggests.


Mt Marlay


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