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Anthony (Baggins) Bilbrough was one of the first pluckers and the originator of the name Pleasant Pluckers. He got most irate when this wasn’t mentioned on the website so this is by way of making amends.

Bilbrough, Anthony
Bladwell, Murray 
Churchill, Derek 
Condon, Kerry 
Pretorius, Etienne 
Hall, Ron 
Harris, Ian 
Hodges, Griff 
Jeffries, Roger 
Meers, Iain 
Meers, Peter 
Muhl, Graham 
Muhl, Robyn 
Wardrop, Peter 
Pople, Ray 
Robertson, Allan 
Robinson, Kerry 
Sommerlad, Stewart 
Webb, John 

When the Arlidge family established Whiskey Gully Wines, John had the bright and not particularly original idea of inviting some of his Brisbane Beefsteak and Burgundy Club mates to help with the harvest.

February 2000 came around and a few hardy souls braved the heat, the bees and lots of hard work to bring the harvest in.

It has become part of what makes WGW tick. 

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Plucking remains physically if not mentally challenging and those volunteers who brave the vineyard eat well, drink even better and tell quite a lot of fibs. Mind you, they don't get rich.

When it came to establishing a wine club, as some wine businesses tend to do these days, who could go past the Pleasant Pluckers Wine Club for a name? Well... yes, so could I, I suppose, but they insisted, you see. Anyway, here it is. We've been plucking for quite a few years now (not technically accurate, actually. We snip the bunches from the vines but Sodding Snippers doesn't have quite the same ring to it).

In truth, picking wine grapes is a wonderful passtime and because it only happens on a few days between February and May there's not enough time to get sick of it. Put the mind into idle, work methodically along the row thinking of something pastoral or, perhaps, about the lovely Swedish backpacker who is working alongside. Ah, bliss. We sing quite a lot too.

It is not necessary to join the annual plucking to belong to the club, although should any member feel so moved then please drop us a line at the email address below and we will delightedly add their name to the list.


The club exists not only to ensure that our regular customers and friends get special value from our wines, but to invite people to share the sense of fun and excitement as we build our wine business. So, welcome aboard. 

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